Common Misconception About Me- (Get To Know Me)

Some people reading this will know who I am , that much is fact. I however am choosing not to share with the world directly my identity as I hope my writing will speak for itself.

People commonly think I’m a confident person. Now this may be based on the fact I have a large social media following, or because I regularly interview bands and actors for my other site.

This isn’t the case though.

I’m actually a very shy person , mainly due to my speech impediment and the teasing I used to endure as a child at school because of it, and a few other things.

The way I used to hide was by simply trying to blend in and talk to people more and hope that nobody would notice. Now I still do the same and to the point that now many people don’t notice my speech problems and /or simply do not care.

By talking to you wonderful people I feel much more confident and for that I say thank you .

I now share my problems much more and get my mind sorted out a lot faster than I used to.

So if you’re reading my site and wondering what I’m like then I would like you to keep in mind the following things.



3.Can’t Spell Or Construct Sentence Without Grammatical Errors.


5.Despite Being Shy Very Social

6.Love Dogs and Cats

7.Give Me A Drink Thats Blue And I’ll Lose My Mind With Joy

8. If Bacon Cheesecake Was Possible I’d Be All Over That.

9.Make Lists Nobody Cares About

10. Makes Sures there is 10 things in a list.


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Ostriches Don’t Bury Head In Sand If Threatened

Ostriches don’t bury their heads in the sand. When an Ostrich sense its in danger and cannot run away , it flops to the ground and remains still , with its head and neck flat on the ground in front of it.

Because its head and neck are lightly coloured they blend in the with the soil. From a distance it looks just like the ostrich has buried its head in the sand because only its body is visible.

Some Ostrich eggs are lost to hyenas, jackals and Egyptian vultures , which often break them open by dropping rocks on them. But when an adult ostrich is threatened it attacks with its clawed foot and delivers a kick that’s powerful enough to kill a lion!


Dropped Coins From A Skyscraper Can’t Kill

If anyone watched Itchy and Scratchy on  The Simpsons growing up you will know that this is one of their finest moments. From the top of the Empire State Building the little mouse drops a penny. As the coin falls it picks up speed and enough fury to completely incinerate the cat. Classic Itchy and Scratchy.

But is the Simpsons a perfectly accurate guide to reality we all assume it to be ? Is this urban myth actually true can a dropped coin kill someone ?

Well the answer is no.

All dropped objects experience constant acceleration – in other words , they go faster and faster with their rate of speed increasing by 10 meters per second. But when you take air resistance and the fact it also increases as the object is falling in correlation to the speed. When the air resistance matches gravity the object is said to have reached terminal velocity- max speed. After which it will no longer accelerate. The weight of a 2p coin is around 7.12g , which would make its terminal velocity 19km a hour , which lets be honest is hardly fast enough to kill you.

However if you was an evil genius an got a long container and sucked all the gas out of it then placed the coin in it and let it fall it would accelerate forever , however this isnt exactly dropping it from a great height as who carries that sort of equipment around! This is because that sort of equipment is only available in a lab,.

However if you actually did want to inflict some damage a breadboard would be a completely different story…

220g breadboard dropped from 381 meters would hit the ground in less than 9 seconds and would hit someone at a frightening 311 km/hr !

The actual myth about the penny nobody is actually sure where it came from , but with science it has now been completely disproved.


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Great Wall Of China Can’t Be Seen From The Moon

The great wall of China measures about 13,170 miles long , which makes it the longest manmade project on the planet. It is widely misconceived that it can be seen from the moon. However some astronauts have claimed to have seen it from space.”The biggest building the astronauts could see from the space is the wall, which looks very much like a black worm.” This has since become a great honor for the Chinese people.

Is the Great Wall actually visible from the moon? Yang Liwei, China’s first astronaut who was lifted into the outer space by the spacecraft Shenzhou V on Oct.15, 2003, gave his answer which was a definite  “No” to a reporter after he reached the ground. This  powerfully corrected the misconception. The wall is indeed majestic, but you won’t see it from the space!

In fact, besides Yang Liwei, there are a lot of astronauts said the Wall could not be seen from the space. Neil Alden Armstrong, the American aviator who first set foot on the moon in 1969, was asked a about the Great Wall . Armstrong said that he had seen the continent, lakes and blue spots touched with red. But he could not make out any manmade object on the earth from the moon.

What’s more, Buzz Aldrin, one of the two American astronauts besides Neil Alden Armstrong that first landed on the moon, insisted that the wrong statement was from people’s misunderstanding.

Theoretically speaking, the Great Wall is absolutely invisible from the space. It is narrow and irregular. In space, something irregular is hard to be observed. Measuring about 10 meters (11 yards) wide on average, it is easily to be immerged from the surrounding environment. Depended solely on the unaided eyes, it is hardly distinguished at an altitude of 65,617 feet. It is totally invisible at a height of 196,850 feet. To watch the wall on the moon is equivalent to seeking for a single hair from 2,688 meters (2,940 yards) away. To say an astronaut can see the  it from space is obviously not true.

To add, some people introduced an idea to make the Great Wall visible from the space. If we install bright spotlights on the wall, no matter they are big or small, astronauts can see the lights at night. Therefore, some believe that the wall can be showed up from the surrounding environment as long as the angle of the sunlight is appropriate. But this suggestion has not been carried out by scientific experiment. In conclusion, it is generally accepted that the wall cannot be seen from the space.


Daddy Long Legs Are Not The Most Deadly Spider

Did you know that there is more than 40,000 species of spiders crawling around in the world , but only a small fraction of these actually carry venom. The deadliest of them all is shared between the Sydney funnel-web , Brazilian wandering spider and the Black Widow spider. However you may have also heard about another deadly spider which actually isn’t that deadly at all. The Daddy Long legs.

Supposedly the daddy long-legs possess extremely powerful poison , but their fangs are so short that they cannot puncture human skin.

However when the venom of a daddy long-legs was compared to the venom of a black widow spider the results were not surprising. The black widows spiders venom was a lot more powerful.

Also it has now been proven that the length of their fangs are actually big enough to puncture human skin so that’s incorrect also.


Duck Quacks Do Echo

” Duck Quacks Don’t Echo” , this claim will never be found in any scientific journal or textbook.

It would have been pretty awesome had this been true but why would it be ? Duck’s quacks echo just as much as any other sound in nature. However it is interesting to know that there is a way to avoid and echo , the problem is that it all depends on your distance from the object that is reflecting the sound, but not the type of sound itself.

You see, sound travels in waves , and all of these waves all have specific wavelengths ( The distance from the point on the way to the exact point where it meets the next wave). If by chance the distance between the thing making the sound is exactly on the node of the next wave the sound will not reflect back at all and therefore not echo.

The only other way to avoid an echo is by using a partially reflective material which is what aircraft do when they want to avoid radar.

But anyway back to ducks!

Nobody actually knows where this crazy lie came from , but as you can see by this video it most definitely isn’t true.

So in conclusion, saying that a ducks quack doesn’t echo ? Well that’s just Quackers!


Shaving Doesn’t Make Hair Grow Thicker

Shaving no matter what you have heard before will not make your hair grow back , thicker,faster or any other type of “er” you can think of. There are studies going all the way back to the 1920’s that prove that shaving has zero effect on the hair growth rate

Hair growth is controlled by hair follicles that underneath the skin. These are not in any way effected by shaving. The outer part of your hair which is actually already dead is what you are shaving off, the follicles beneath the surface remain unaffected.

How long this myth has been widely thought to be true nobody knows although according to the New York Times , then  myth has been believed for at least the last 50 years.

One of the reasons that people normally believe this other than they heard it from their parents is that after they shave their hair starts to grow back. it seems a lot thicker even though it isnt. Think of it this way if this was actually true everyone would be sporting pencil thick or bigger hair from every place they shave.

The reason behind this extra coarse hair feeling is actually due to length. Think of it like a long tree branch. When it is long it is fairly flexible. However when it is short it is suddenly stiffer or stronger. The same thing happens to your hair when you shave.

So next time you see a young lad trying so desperately to grow a thicker stronger beard to impress his 15 year old compadres please make him aware that he would actually be much better off not shaving at all .